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Digital recruitment services that attract the right applicants

Hiring the right employees is impossible if you’re attracting the wrong applicants. Nerx Agency offers a combination of PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing campaigns to help you attract top talent. We’ll help you craft job listings that appeal to your target employees and reach them with employment outreach services. To learn more about our digital recruitment marketing services, keep reading!

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Why recruitment marketing services are important

Job searching is like shopping for a product or service. You want to know everything you can about the company, the role, the benefits, and the location before you apply or even show interest.

Recruitment marketing allows you to promote your job openings like you would a product or service — by showcasing your company culture, highlighting your benefits, and exciting potential applicants with images and videos that paint a picture of what it’s like to work for you.

To attract the best candidates, you need to sell your open positions in a way that is exciting and persuasive. This is essential for the long-term success of your company

Scenario 1: Little to no digital recruitment marketing

You need to fill a website designer position at your marketing firm, but you don’t have a digital recruitment marketing strategy. You post a bare-bones job listing on Indeed, and two qualified candidates apply.

After a few weeks, you hire the best-fit candidate, but you quickly realize they’re not a good fit for your company culture and don’t share your passion for the job. You’re stuck with a subpar employee because you didn’t invest in digital recruitment marketing to attract top talent.

What’s the issue?

Without digital recruitment marketing, you’re limited to posting your job openings on recruitment sites like Indeed. This can be a problem because it can lead to a low number of applicants. In your case, you only had two applicants for your website designer position. This means that you didn’t have much of a choice when it came to hiring a new employee.

In addition to the low number of applicants, you also hired someone who doesn’t fit your company culture and doesn’t share the same passion for their job as the rest of your team. While they may be qualified for the position, they’re not the best fit for your company. This can be a problem because it can lead to a decrease in morale and productivity among your team.

Overall, the lack of a digital recruitment marketing strategy can have a negative impact on your ability to hire the best talent. By investing in digital recruitment marketing, you can reach a wider pool of candidates and find the perfect fit for your company.

Scenario 2: With digital recruitment marketing

Despite trying to fill the graphic designer position at your marketing firm for some time now, you still haven’t found the right candidate. With the help of digital recruitment marketing services, you can provide extensive information about the position and your brand to a wider pool of applicants, increasing your chances of finding the perfect fit.

Instead of simply listing generic qualifications like a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 3.7, you describe the specific qualifications and characteristics that the ideal candidate should possess. You emphasize the importance of a positive attitude and a passion for the work.

You highlight the competitive benefits that your company offers, and you provide statistics to support your claims. This helps to excite potential applicants and shows them that your company is a great place to work. 

In your brand description, you provide information about your company’s location, industry, services, results, and culture. This gives potential applicants a better understanding of your company and whether it is a good fit for them.

After a few weeks of posting your graphic design job opening on Indeed and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you have received 52 applications from qualified candidates, at least 70% of whom demonstrate a passion for their work through their enthusiastic responses. The only challenge you face is the daunting task of reviewing the large pool of applicants in a timely manner.

After reviewing resumes, you were confident that you had hired the best candidate for your company. Two months later, you realized that you had indeed made the perfect choice. They shared the same passion for the job as your team and brought positivity and light to the workplace.

What’s the issue?

Digital recruitment marketing helped you attract a large pool of qualified candidates for your website design position. This allowed you to be selective and choose the candidate who had the best qualifications and personality for your team and company culture. Your new employee is producing great work, supporting the team, and making a positive contribution to your company’s overall success.

Overall, recruitment marketing is an essential tool for companies of all sizes. By investing in recruitment marketing, companies can attract the best talent and build strong teams.

Let’s Drive

Here are some digital recruitment marketing strategies you can use to attract the right applicants

Nerx Agency offers four different digital recruitment packages to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. These packages offer a variety of strategies, tailored to your business’s specific needs, to help you reach the right candidates for your open positions.

Monthly recruiting ads

Monthly recruiting ads are an excellent way to reach a wider audience than you would by relying solely on third-party recruiting sites. While these sites can be effective, running recruiting ads can help you maximize the reach of your campaign.

At Nerx Agency, we offer four different tiers for monthly recruiting ads, each with a different price point based on your monthly advertising budget.

Custom employment landing pages

Custom employment landing pages, like custom landing pages for products and services, can provide a more personalized and effective experience for candidates who click on your job listings. By creating custom landing pages for each open position, you can tailor the content and information to the specific job, which can help to attract more qualified applicants.

Keyword research

To ensure that your job postings are seen by the most qualified candidates, it is important to optimize them for relevant keywords. That is why initial keyword research is a service included in all of our digital recruitment marketing packages.

Keyword research is important because it allows you to identify the keywords that potential candidates are using to search for jobs. By targeting these keywords in your job postings, you can increase your chances of attracting the best possible candidates.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to track and measure the performance of any marketing campaign, including recruitment marketing. By tracking metrics such as traffic, goal completions, and conversions, Google Analytics can help businesses to identify what is working well in their campaigns and what needs to be improved.

Our digital recruitment marketing packages include the setup and configuration of Google Analytics for your recruitment campaigns. This allows us to track the performance of your job postings and identify any areas where improvement is needed. We also create custom dashboards on the Google Analytics platform so that you can easily see the most important metrics at a glance.

By using Google Analytics data, we can ensure that your job postings are performing effectively and attracting the right candidates. We can also use the data to make informed decisions about how to optimize your recruitment marketing campaigns over time.

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PPC management

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a highly effective way to promote your job postings and reach a large pool of qualified candidates. Our digital recruitment marketing packages include both Google PPC management and sponsored and targeted Facebook PPC management.

Dedicated account representative

Nerx Agency will assign you a dedicated account representative who will help you with your recruitment marketing campaign, no matter how big or small. They will answer your questions and help you track your campaign’s success. With our digital recruitment marketing services, you will attract more high-quality applicants for your open positions.

If you need help creating the perfect digital recruitment marketing campaign, Nerx Agency is here for you. Feel free to contact us online, or give us a call at (SA) +27 633 636 232, (UK) +44 7458 149 984 and, (ZW) +263 772 498 018 today!

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